Friday, August 19, 2005

crazy litlle thing called prasar..

frens, (ehem,ehem..)
ga kerasa ya..udah 2 taun kita mengarungi bahtera rumah tangga kom otre bersama2..dr daftar2-an di balairung,latian nyanyi,psau,dan kemudian datanglah sesuatu yg bernama PRASAR..!!!dan ternyata..heemmmppphhhhh,,,saat2 itu akhirnya datang lagi sekarang.saat akhirnya giliran kita yg harus ngeprasarin anak orang..ahhh, ja vu..tidaaaaaaaakkkk....!!!!!!!

(sebenernya,inti dr postingan ini apa ya?).well,akhir kata gw ingin mengucapkan gudlak kepada seluruh panitia prasar dan sar(which is,kita!).selamat bekerja,teman2!!!

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Hi… the name is Wigra Anggara. This is my first – I don’t wanna say article, but I couldn’t find another word – writing. You might find my writing one hell of a subjective one, but I just thought it was funny and this idea popped out when I did number two, so supposedly it’s gonna be good. Here it is…
These are the list of people that steal my attention in any kind of way at Takor :

Shendy 01… this girl is early. Whenever I’m early coming to Takor, let’s say about 07.30, there she is having a cup of tea and talking to her boyfriend.
Mona 02… this one is everywhere, and how would I know.. because she’s very loud; of course in a very positive way.
Citra 01 and Retno 02… these two are actually funny, everytime I join their table, there’s always something that we can laugh about. Another thing is these chicks have some heavy topics to talk about, sometimes it enriches me… but sometimes I just like… enough girls, leave all the paradigms and let’s talk about sex and stuff…!!!
Ok… who’s the guy that always starts the conversation with: hey y’all… you know wa’ I’m sayin… (With the black peeps accent). Yup Andi 02… this dude just never runs out of energy. I think basket ball is not enough… dude, you should find s’thin else to do doug… have some peace brother…
Bimo krim 99… when you hear some guy with a very…very deep heavy voice… have no doubt, he’s Bimo. This guy sure knows how to talk; having a conversation with him is like having a conversation with a talking bass that has a brain… (That’s a weird sentence, but it’s true).
Cipluk, Ahli Madya humas FISIP, ekstensi humas FISIP, ilmu keguruan bahasa Inggris Atmajaya… one of the most beautiful, kind, smart, funny woman at Takor.
Female groups of Takor… each gives different atmosphere at Takor, so that Takor is very colorful in every single day.
MalSonTo…a.k.a Malih, Tison, Hasto 99… now that Malih is out, Tison and Hasto are the grandpas of Takor..
Pahala, Yudhi, Teto, Yanwar 01… these are the guys who always take things very easily and sometimes can make stuff so hard to be very light and funny…
Haris 01… big!!!
Mas Helmi… doesn’t he have a class to teach or somethin’…??
This girl… amazingly beautiful..! I know her from one class we took together…she’s so smart, and from what I know, she also has a very nice voice.
Last but not least, the guys from 03 who consider Takor as a second home… Kamal the Yaman, Ade the Slawi, Ardom the rasta man, Bokir the Betawi, Bapak a.k.a meezan with all the poems and computer graphics, Kapoy with the muscle, Antha the brother hehe, Yayo with… average AGJ, Asa and the ngangguk, Candra with his say Hi to everybody, Ano the blondy, Ilham with “distro”, Gerry and his AFI fanatic thing, and Budi with his soccer maniac. I just love them very much….

Well that is my list… hope you can enjoy. If you found it weird,,, well I think you’re right. But I had fun and I just wish you would too… thanks.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


hai teman,,,,hanya melakukan percobaan tidak penting kok! berhubungan pengguna blog disini masih sangat gaptek, hehehe....ok lah kalau begitu...eniwei, ke anyer jalan2 jadi yah...? yah...?

Monday, July 04, 2005

lil' history

Bermula dari omongan gw bareng sama Antha untuk bikin wadah yang bisa nampung semua tulisan anak2 otre. It can be poems, writing, shouting, anything. Akhirnya jadilah blog ini. mudah-mudahan wadah ini bisa berdampak positif buat kreatifitas kita (cieeehhh... whooooooo). See you then... Wigra a.k.a Styled_by

Saturday, July 02, 2005

postingan pertama

ahahaha antha memang trendi,, dan krn antha kita jd trendi juga,, hehehehe

a little reminder, hari rabu tits main tuh! ohohoh maaf klo pemberitahuan mendadak, abisnya yudhi jg tiba" bilang pengen main.. jgn salahkan diriku ya... ^o^

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Welcome to kom03's blog

just testing..